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Our range of headphones considers teachers & students needs, within the unique classroom environment. For further reading take a look at our classroom headphones article

Classroom set of headphones

Numark HF125 - Professional DJ Headphones


Stagg SHP-2300H Studio HiFi Headphones - 3.5mm Plug + 6.35mm Adaptor


AVID AE-54 Blue and Silver Headphones


Stagg SHP-3000H Deluxe Stereo Headphones with 3.5mm Plug + 6.35mm Adaptor


AVID AE-39 USB Headset with Microphone & 6ft Braided Cord


Digital Stereo Headphones


Andrea ANR-1000 Wireless Bluetooth Headset


Andrea EDU-455 Over-Ear Headset With Microphone - 3.5mm Plug


Pro Signal AV57 Closed Ear Headphones


SOHO Audio Sharing Headphones with 3.5mm and 6.35mm Jack Plugs




AVID AE-36 Green Headset - Headphones


Stagg SHP-5000H Pro DJ Headphones 3.5mm Plug + 6.35mm Adaptor


Yamaha HPH-100B Compact Headphones


Andrea AC-125 Stereo On-Ear Headphone


Andrea AC-155 USB Stereo USB Computer Headset


Andrea AC-155 Stereo Computer Headset


Rode NTH-100M Over-Ear Headphones with Microphone


Beyerdynamic DT250 Pro Studio Headphones - 80 Ohms