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iPad charging trolleys are a convenient way to safely store your iPads in your classroom or office building. Our iPad charging trolley’s for schools allow you to deliver groups of iPad’s to a classroom all at once, safe in the knowledge that they are fully charged from the last lesson. We also have a collection of fixed iPad storage units for the classroom you may be interested in. 

Find out about our Mobile Device Management and how to make the most of iPad’s in the classroom. If you're buying your iPad's at the same time as your iPad charging Trolley and need some help, take a look at our guide to wholesale purchasing of iPad's.

iPad Charging Trolleys

Zioxi iPad Charging Trolley


UniCabby 32H 32 Port Tablet / Laptop / Chromebook Charging Station


LockNCharge Carrier 30 MK5 Cart For <13" Devices


LockNCharge Carrier 20 MK5 Cart For <13" Devices


LockNCharge Joey 30 MK3 Cart For <17" Devices


TabCabby 32H Compact




Fort Charge 32 Bay Laptop / Tablet Charging Station


LapCabby Lyte 30 Single Door Tablet Mobile USB-C Charger - Store & Charge 30 Devices


LapCabby Lyte 20 Single Door Tablet Mobile USB-C Charger - Store & Charge 20 Devices


LapCabby Lyte Single Door Metal Shelf Mobile - Store & Charge 20 Devices


Gripcase iPad Charging Trolley - Charge and Store


Zioxi iPad Carry Basket Charging Trolley


Zioxi iPad Sync Trolley


Zioxi USB-C Tablet Charging Cart


Zioxi USB-A Tablet Charging Cart


Monarch LapCabby 16V - Laptop Store & Charge


Monarch TabCabby 20V Store Charge & Sync 20 x Tablets