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Live Sound

Tascam Model 12-10 Channel Mixer with 12-Track Recorder


M-Audio BX8 D3 Powered Studio Monitor (Single)


Audio Technica ATW-1102


Alto Professional TS12S 2500W Active Subwoofer


Mackie Thump215 - 15" 1400W Powered Loudspeaker


Mackie Thump212 - 12" 1400W Powered Loudspeaker


Mackie SRM450 V3 12" 1000W Powered Loudspeaker


Alto Truesonic TS408 Active 8" Bluetooth 2000W Speaker


Alto Truesonic TS410 Active 10" Bluetooth 2000W Speaker


Alto Truesonic TS415 Active 15" Bluetooth 2500W Speaker


Alto Truesonic TS412 Active 12" Bluetooth 2500W Speaker


Kali Lone Pine 6.5" Powered Studio Monitor V2 - Single


Kali Lone Pine 8" Powered Studio Monitor V2 - Single


Alto TX310 350W Active PA Speaker


Alto TX308 350W Active PA Speaker


Alesis Elevate 4 Studio Monitors - Pair


Focal Alpha 65 EVO Active Studio Monitor (Single)