Rodecaster Pro 2 Integrated Podcast Production Studio - Counterpoint
Rodecaster Pro 2 Integrated Podcast Production Studio - Counterpoint
Rodecaster Pro 2 Integrated Podcast Production Studio - Counterpoint
Rodecaster Pro 2 Integrated Podcast Production Studio - Counterpoint
Rodecaster Pro 2 Integrated Podcast Production Studio - Counterpoint
Rodecaster Pro 2 Integrated Podcast Production Studio - Counterpoint
Rodecaster Pro 2 Integrated Podcast Production Studio - Counterpoint
Rodecaster Pro 2 Integrated Podcast Production Studio - Counterpoint
Rodecaster Pro 2 Integrated Podcast Production Studio - Counterpoint

Rodecaster Pro 2 Integrated Podcast Production Studio

  • SKU: W-MIB012C
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Rodecaster Pro 2 Integrated Podcast Production Studio

The Rode RodeCaster Pro II is the complete all-in-one production solution for streamers, broadcasters, podcasters and musicians. Game-changing in design, the RodeCaster Pro II expands on previous iterations by widening the connectivity options with Wi-Fi whilst broadening customisation to every element of the unit. Designed from the ground up to become the centrepiece of your content creation, the RodeCaster Pro II employs newly designed Revolution preamps and houses, and authentic Aphex processors, for stunning sonic capabilities.

Powered by quad-core processing technology, RodeCaster Pro II is unmatched in versatility. Featuring six broadcast-quality faders with three virtual faders, each of which is customisable to be rearranged to any configuration, you can connect a huge range of instruments and microphones to ensure every kind of content creation can be completed with ease. Eight innovative SMART pads leap over the functionality of previous versions, offering eight different banks per pad for a total of up to 64 functions. Trigger audio, send MIDI commands, scene changes and much more are only a button push away.

Forever upgradable via Wi-Fi firmware updates, the RodeCaster Pro II will continue to grow, expanding on functionality to deliver an even more complete user experience. Take the next step and level up your content creation with superior sound, unmatched versatility and incomparable customisation with the Rode RodeCaster Pro II.

Key Features
  • Powerful all-in-one audio production solution
  • Content creation made easy for podcasters, streamers, gamers and musicians
  • Unmatched audio quality with Revolution preamps and Aphex processers onboard
  • Endless customisation to configure your mixer, processing, SMART pads and much more
  • Eight SMART pads offer up to 64 commands simultaneously
The evolution of greatness

How do you improve on the best? A difficult question absolutely, but one that's not impossible to answer. The answer? The RodeCaster Pro II. What might seem like a simple upgrade should not be understated? The RodeCaster Pro II is virtually something entirely new. With revolutionary features, next-generation user interface and usability, it ascends to the apex of podcasting, broadcasting, streaming and music-making solutions.

Unrivalled connectivity is presented with the inclusion of Bluetooth and newly implemented Wi-Fi, so it's easier than ever to connect your devices to optimise your creative flow. The central hub of your system, the four Neutrik combination inputs allow you to connect your instrument or microphone (condenser included) to the cutting-edge Revolution preamps. Of course, you can monitor every input in ultra-high definition clarity using the four onboard headphone outputs.

Advanced Bluetooth connectivity with wideband speech can be used for ultra-high-quality phone call integration, crystal-clear audio streaming, wireless monitoring and more. Dual USB-C interfaces allow two computers or mobile devices to be connected simultaneously, unlocking huge potential for everything from remote podcasting to organising complex streaming setups.

Content creation made easy

Typically, creating high-quality audio content as part of a broadcast or stream requires in-depth know-how and a wide range of different pieces of equipment. The Rode RodeCaster Pro II distils all the knowledge and feedback taken from the past half-decade into a one-stop-shop solution. Intuitive and easy to use, freely customisable and most importantly, immaculate sounding, the RodeCaster Pro II lets you get up and running with excellent audio quality in seconds.

Powered by quad-core processing technology, the power inside the RodeCaster Pro II is simply unrivalled. Add to this the beautiful onboard 5.5" touchscreen monitor, tactile navigation, RGB colouring throughout and a simple and intuitive interface, even those with less advanced knowledge will be able to achieve their dreams of creating content. Capture professional sound quickly using the professionally-designed VoxLab presets or dial in your own sound using the onboard Aphex processors.

From setting up a microphone to programming SMART pads, each feature simply presents itself, avoiding the need for any deep menu-diving, serving to maximise your creativity. Whether you're streaming, podcasting or music-making, the RodeCaster Pro II makes it easy.

Join the Revolution

Good sound starts at the source. It's essential therefore that the preamp design of your equipment ensures you capture every detail in stunning quality. Thankfully, Rode understands this and is proud to highlight the newly designed Revolution preamps onboard RodeCaster Pro II. Re-designed from the ground up, the Revolution preamps offer pristine sound quality for any instrument or microphone (condenser microphones included). With a staggering 76dB of gain that eliminates the need for a booster and an ultra-low noise level of -131.5dBV, you can be sure that your sound will be powerful and commanding, with little to no unwanted distortion, noise or artefacts in your audio.

Transparent and detailed, the Revolution preamps allow you to mix and edit your audio signal using the range of built-in processors in RodeCaster Pro II without sacrificing your sound. What's more, there are four Revolution preamps onboard! Connecting your instrument and multiple vocal microphones simultaneously just got easier and better than ever.

Studio-grade effects onboard

Pairing with the exceptional preamps, RodeCaster Pro II hosts the processing power of Aphex, one of the most revered names within the music production industry. A suite of legendary processors ensures that you will be able to sound your best no matter what. Remodelled from the ground up specifically for RodeCaster Pro II, the Aphex built-in processors offer authentic emulations of classic studio hardware units. Included with Rode RodeCaster Pro II are the Aural Exciter, ideal for adding sparkle and top-end, Big Bottom for adding dimension, depth and power as well as the Compeller compressor/leveller unit alongside a slew of De-essers, noise gates, filters and EQs.

To match the unique vocal characteristics of your hosts and guests of your podcast, broadcast or any other kind of content, all the parameters are tweakable inside the innovative VoxLab suite. Achieve pro-level results in seconds by using the intuitive design to control three parameters simultaneously, taking the guesswork out of your processing. Of course, each time you adjust, these settings can be saved and recalled in any future sessions instantly.

Endless customisation

Every stream, video, broadcast or song is different. Designed to adapt to your creative vision, the RodeCaster Pro II enables you to set up virtually any aspect of the console to your taste, no matter the content. For common setups, RodeCaster Pro II extends the ability to save all of your settings, mixer configuration, SMART pads, internal Aphex processors and much more as a 'show'. Now, if you're a creator who's producing multiple different styles of content, you can instantly recall the settings you need as a 'show' to get up and running instantly.

Previously, the RodeCaster Pro featured sound pads. For RodeCaster Pro II, you now have SMART pads. Just as the namesake, these SMART pads can be used for a multitude of different functions, far exceeding what was previously possible. Customisable to your requirements, the onboard SMART pads allow you to do everything from the typical audio trigger, scene changes in your streaming software and MIDI commands to trigger samples in your DAW. Whilst it seems there are only eight of these SMART pads available, each pad features eight dedicated banks, offering 64 unique actions in total.

Not content with stopping there, RodeCaster Pro II ups the ante once more. The onboard six-fader mixer can be expanded using digital and hardware integrations. Independently assignable, all four analogue inputs, USB and Bluetooth interfaces and SMART pads can be allocated to any of the physical or virtual faders, in any arrangement. Take control over how you choose to mix your audio with pan and Listen buttons with pre-fader listen (PFL) and after-fader listen (AFL) for each channel.

  • The world's most powerful all-in-one audio production solution
  • Perfect for streamers, podcasters, broadcasters, content creators and musicians
  • Developed with a new, high-performance quad-core engine for unrivalled processing power
  • Newly designed REVOLUTION microphone preamps offer a staggering 76dB of gain with exceptionally low noise floor to keep your signal free from artefacts and noise
  • Eight programmable SMART pads with up to eight switchable banks for 64 actions in total
  • Use SMART pads to trigger audio, effects, operating mixing elements, MIDI actions and much more
  • Beautiful 5.5" high-definition, full-colour touchscreen with haptic feedback and adaptive brightness
  • Four colour-coded headphone output volume level dials with switchable impedance to match any sensitivity headphones
  • Four high-quality Neutrik combination inputs enable you to connect both microphones and instruments seamlessly
  • Flexible and customisable mixer with six broadcast-quality faders and three virtual faders, totalling nine channels
  • Mute and Preview Listen buttons per fader ensure you can take control over your incoming audio signals
  • Listen buttons with pre-fader listen (PFL) and after-fader listen (AFL) for each channel
  • Easy navigation through an onboard tactile rotary encoder
  • Wide range of onboard connectivity including dual USB-C outputs to connect two computers and/or mobile devices simultaneously
  • Take calls live on air or monitor wirelessly using advanced Bluetooth connectivity
  • Powered by Aphex technology to deliver studio-quality audio processing
  • Mix your tracks live using onboard Aphex Aural Exciter, Big Bottom, Compeller, EQ, compression, pitch-shifting, robot effects, reverb effects and more
  • Dive right into immaculate sounds using VoxLab presets
  • Stereo or multi-track recording via onboard SD slot or USB
  • Integrate external outboard equipment via the four high-quality 1/4" outputs
  • Fully updatable and will continue to evolve with regular firmware updates available to all users
  • Ten languages available to cater to every conceivable market
  • Broadcast-ready recording options (WAV or MP3)
  • Seamlessly integrates with your DAW with bi-directional MIDI
  • Compatible with iOS devices
  • Processor: 1.5Ghz quad-core audio engine
  • Bit Depth: 24-bit
  • Sample Rate/s: 48kHz
  • Equivalent Noise: -131.5 dBV EIN
  • Gain Range: 76dB
  • USB Connectivity: 2 x USB-C connectors (dual audio interfaces)
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Wide-band speech Bluetooth
  • MicroSD Card Transfer Rate: USB 3.0 130 MB/s
  • Screen: HDR with haptic feedback and auto brightness
  • Power: USB-C 30W PD
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 60 x 305 x 270 mm
  • Weight: 1.9Kg
  • What's included:
    • 1x RCPII
    • 1 x Power Adaptor
    • 1 x AC Power Cable
    • 1 x SC27 USB-C Cable




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