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Andrea AC-125 Stereo On-Ear Headphone

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Andrea AC-125 Stereo On-Ear Headphone.

Introducing the AC-125 Headphones, the ultimate audio companion designed specifically for education. These affordable yet high-quality headphones are carefully crafted to provide students with an exceptional listening experience while considering their comfort, durability, and ease of use.

Equipped with powerful 40mm speakers, the AC-125 Headphones deliver crystal clear audio with deep bass sound. Students will enjoy an immersive auditory experience, allowing them to fully engage with their educational materials, music, and multimedia content. With every note and word brought to life, learning becomes more captivating and enjoyable.

Comfort is paramount, especially during long study sessions or educational activities. That's why the AC-125 Headphones feature plush, extra-thick leatherette on-ear cushions. These cushions not only provide superior comfort but also reduce background noise, creating a focused listening environment. Additionally, they are easy to clean, ensuring hygiene and maintaining a fresh listening experience for each student.

We understand that students come in different sizes, so we designed the AC-125 Headphones with an adjustable headband. This feature ensures a comfortable fit for students of all ages, including those with smaller heads. The headphones can be easily adjusted to the perfect size, allowing students to enjoy their audio without any discomfort or strain.

To offer flexibility and convenience, the AC-125 Headphones come with an extra-long 7-foot cable with a gold-plated colour-coded plug. This generous cable length gives students freedom of movement and allows them to connect to devices placed further away. Additionally, the colour-coded plug makes it easy to identify and connect the headphones quickly, promoting efficiency and reducing setup time.

The AC-125 Headphones combine affordability, high-quality audio, comfort, and durability, making them the ideal choice for schools seeking reliable audio equipment within budget. Students will experience crystal-clear audio, enhanced comfort, and a secure fit, enabling them to fully immerse themselves in their educational journey. Elevate the learning experience with the AC-125 Headphones and inspire students to reach new heights.


  • 40mm speakers with deep bass sound deliver crystal clear audio
  • Plush, extra-thick leatherette on-ear cushions reduce background noise and are easy-to-clean
  • The adjustable headband ensures a comfortable fit even on smaller heads
  • Extra long 7-foot cable with gold-plated colour-coded plug



    • Speaker Plug 3.5 mm: Green (Audio)


      • Frequency Range: 20-20,000Hz
      • Coil Resistance: 32 ohm
      • Sound Output from 1kHz 1mW Input (0dB=20µPa): 114dB
      • Maximum Input Power: 40mW

      System Requirements

      • Compatible with:
        • Apple Macintosh OS X 10.5 and up
        • Google Chrome
        • Windows 8
        • Windows 8.1
        • Windows 10 and up

      The AC-155 is compatible with standard PC sound cards that have separate 3.5mm microphone and headphone ports. The USB-SA, EDU-USB, or USB-UNIV Digital audio adapters may also be used for USB connectivity. 

      Further product information can be viewed at the following link - Andrea AC-125



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