Focusrite Clarett+ Octopre 8 Channel Mic Preamp - Counterpoint
Focusrite Clarett+ Octopre 8 Channel Mic Preamp - Counterpoint
Focusrite Clarett+ Octopre 8 Channel Mic Preamp - Counterpoint
Focusrite Clarett+ Octopre 8 Channel Mic Preamp - Counterpoint
Focusrite Clarett+ Octopre 8 Channel Mic Preamp - Counterpoint
Focusrite Clarett+ Octopre 8 Channel Mic Preamp - Counterpoint
Focusrite Clarett+ Octopre 8 Channel Mic Preamp - Counterpoint

Focusrite Clarett+ Octopre 8 Channel Mic Preamp

  • SKU: W-REB705B
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Focusrite Clarett+ Octopre 8 Channel Mic Preamp

The Focusrite Clarett+ OctoPre is an ADAT-enabled eight-channel microphone and instrument preamp. Clarity redefined, the Clarett+ OctoPre is the ideal solution for improving and expanding your existing recording setup. Perfect for engineers, the OctoPre boasts unrivalled sonic fidelity with stunning audio performance and ADAT connectivity to integrate with your existing audio interface set up to expand your recording system by eight extra channels. High headroom, ultra-low noise floor and virtually non-existent distortion are paired with the onboard AIR mode to deliver eight sonically perfect preamps that are ideal for capturing multi-microphone recordings of drum kits, electric guitar amplifiers, pianos and much more.

Just like plugging directly into your favourite guitar amplifier, the Clarett OctoPre also features two high-quality JFET instrument inputs. High-bandwidth preamps enable you to capture your electric guitar or bass DI signal with tremendous clarity and full-range frequency response for editing, re-amping and much more. Improved AD/DA converters bring clarity to all aspects of your recording sessions, ensuring transparent signal paths to give you the confidence that the signal you recorded is exactly what will be monitored.

The perfect studio tool, the Clarett+ OctoPre is ideal for expanding the number of I/O's within your system, enabling you to record larger sessions while integrating your favourite outboard equipment via the eight onboard channel inserts.

Key Features
  • Eight-channel preamp with stunning clarity for clean and articulate recordings
  • All-analog AIR mode delivers the sound of classic ISA 110 console preamp
  • Expand your current recording system with ADAT connectivity
  • Eight dedicated channel inserts seamlessly integrate with existing hardware processors
  • World-class software suite included with access to Focusrite Plug-in Collective
Get the classic Focusrite sound with All-analogue Air

Unlock the classic sound that skyrocketed Focusrite to the apex of studio recording processors with the all-analogue AIR mode. Emulating the sound of the classic ISA 110 that was featured on the original Studio Console, the AIR mode offers a distinctive character to your sound by increasing the input impedance and stacking two high shelves simultaneously. The result is a bright, articulate and vintage-inspired sound with a subtle amount of classic console saturation with a 4dB boost in the upper-frequency range. All-analog, this circuit is controllable for each channel via the onboard switch, making it incredibly easy to hear how this mode affects your tone in your recordings. Make vocals shine, drums pop and guitars sit forward in the mix all while carving a clear and spacious sound in your instruments with AIR mode.

Get more with the Hitmaker Expansion

With Hitmaker Expansion, you have a place to record your music with Ableton Live Lite. Virtual instruments including Addictive Keys and Addictive Drums 2 with Studio Rock Kit. Guitar amplifier simulation through the Softube Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555. Effects to mix and process your tracks with a selection of Brainworx plug-ins. Antares Auto-Tune Access to polish off your vocal recordings and lastly, three months of Splice Sounds subscription to add in the finishing touches with after-effects, loops and beats.

Seamless integration with existing hardware

Often in the studio, calling upon external hardware and outboard equipment is vital in achieving the sound in your head. With the Clarett+ OctoPre, you can connect a wide range of external devices using the eight dedicated channel inserts. Seamlessly integrate your external compressors to your bass and vocal recordings or insert your favourite EQ to your electric guitar signal or even patch in your favourite hardware reverb to add ambience to your vocals, it's all possible with the OctoPre

Newly improved converters

No matter how good your recording chain and preamps are, your sound will ultimately be defined by the conversion on hand within your system. The Clarett+ OctoPre boasts new and improved converters to give you the confidence that your sound is being monitored exactly the way it was recorded. Outperforming many of its competitors, the Clarett+ OctoPre boasts ultra-low noise floor with a tremendous level of headroom to ensure that all of your incoming audio is captured with stunning accuracy and heard exactly the way it went in. Now, you can be sure of your mixing decisions that what you're hearing is the way it will be heard on every system, creating the perfect balanced mix for your song.

Expand your recording system

Ideal for expanding your existing Focusrite interface recording system, the Clarett+ OctoPre expands your input and output functionality via the onboard ADAT connectivity. Connecting via ADAT will expand your two-input system into a ten-input system instantly, enabling you to record stunning multi-microphone setups for drums, electric guitar, piano and just about any other instrument that requires a multi-microphone setup. For producers integrated with other audio interfaces, the ADAT connectivity of the Clarett+ OctoPre brings the classic sound of Focusrite to your recordings, allowing you to access the stunning sonic fidelity and vintage-inspired character of the AIR mode.

Two front-mounted instrument inputs

Crucial in the world of modern instrument recordings, the Clarett+ OctoPre lets you take a D.I signal via the onboard instrument inputs. These D.I signals can be used for editing purposes, future re-amping, with software amplifier simulations or simply as a fail-safe for if any problems occur with your mic'ed guitar amplifier during recording. Preserving the natural tone of your guitar, these dual instrument inputs are built using JFET preamps. Stunning bandwidth and clarity maintain the purity of the entire frequency range and respond quickly and accurately to your transients, making it feel like you're plugging directly into your favourite amplifier. Ideal for mixing and mastering, using your D.I input with a range of software emulations in tandem with a recorded guitar amplifier can create unique tones that simply wouldn't be possible when restricted to the analogue domain.

World-class software bundle

Mixing and mastering your recorded tracks has never been easier. The Clarett+ OctoPre offers a wide range of industry-standard plug-ins in the Hitmaker Expansion to help you add the professional polish and edge that your tracks need to hit the radio. From mixing plug-ins to virtual instruments, the Hitmaker Expansion includes software from some of the biggest names in the industry including Plugin Alliance, Brainworx, Focusrite, Antares, Softube and more.

An authentic console emulation of the vintage Focusrite ISA110 Preamp is included with the Brainworx Bx_console Focusrite SC to help sculpt and carve your track to fit your mix, along with bx_masterdesk to master your music by taming dynamics and adding classic hardware saturation. The award-winning bx_oberhausen is a classic replica of a revered American polyphonic synth, with component-level modelling to capture the tone and response immaculately.
Focusrite Red 2 & 3 Plug-in Suite offers meticulously-modelled digital emulations of classic studio staples including Focusrite EQ and Compressors. Antares Auto-Tune Access is the most natural and authentic-sounding pitch correction software to date, ideal for tuning traditional pop vocals or for transforming trap vocals into new and exciting melodic instruments. Add some classic hardware reverb into your tracks with the Relab LX480 Essentials, from NYC's Hit Factory reverb unit, you can add depth and excitement to your tracks.
Virtual instruments and emulations are brought to you with Softube Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555 guitar amplifier and a range of XLN Audio keys and drums, offering flexible and realistic post-production sound design to transform dry recordings into studio-grade sounds.

  • The perfect studio expansion for recording multiple microphone setups
  • Stunning audio fidelity and accuracy capture transients with detail and wide frequency response
  • Add classic console saturation and character with all-analogue AIR mode
  • Transform dull instruments with two cumulative high shelf boosts when AIR mode is engaged
  • Unlock the power of the vintage ISA 110 Microphone Preamp
  • Get precise and clean recordings, ideal for vocals, drums, guitars and just about any other instrument in your studio sessions
  • The tremendous amount of dynamic range up to 129dBu lets you capture loud acoustic sources with preserved dynamics and response
  • Ultra-low noise floor avoids any unwanted background interference on delicate recordings
  • Eight dedicated channel inserts enable you to patch your favourite outboard gear into your signal chain with ease
  • Improved A-D converters for unrivalled monitoring accuracy
  • Expertly-engineered D-A converters give confidence in the studio that your sound is preserved exactly as it was recorded
  • Expand your recording system over ADAT connectivity, upgrading to professional standard recording with up to eight additional channels
  • JFET instrument inputs are ideal for connecting your electric guitar and bass, with wide bandwidth inputs that preserve dynamic range and frequency response
  • World-class software bundle including Hitmaker Expansion bundle, comprised of world-class mixing plug-ins and software instruments
  • Access to Focusrite Plug-in Collective, the number one marketplace for exclusive discounts on industry-standard software plug-ins

Mic Inputs
  • Frequency Response 20-20kHz: +/- 0.03dB
  • Frequency Response 20-35kHz: +/- 0.15dB
  • Dynamic Range (min gain): 118dB
  • THD+N (-1dBFS, +20dB gain): -110dB
  • Noise EIN: -129dBu
  • Max input level: 18dBu
  • Gain range: +57dB
Line Inputs (Variable)
  • Frequency Response 20-20kHz: +/- 0.05dB
  • Frequency Response 20-35kHz: +/- 0.15dB
  • Dynamic Range (min gain): 118dB
  • THD+N (-1dBFS, min gain): -100dB
  • Max input level: 26dBu
  • Gain range: +57dB
Instrument Inputs
  • Frequency Response 20-20kHz: +/- 0.04dB
  • Frequency Response 20-35kHz: +/- 0.15dB
  • Dynamic Range: 116dB
  • THD+N (-1dBFS, min gain): -96.5dB
  • Max input level: 15dBu
  • Gain range: +57dB
Line & Mon Outputs
  • Frequency Response 20-20kHz: +/- 0.02dB
  • Frequency Response 20-35kHz: +/- 0.02dB
  • Dynamic Range: 124dB
  • Max Output Level: 18dBu
  • THD+N: -106dB
Headphone Outputs
  • Frequency Response 20-20kHz: Less than 0.06dB
  • Frequency Response 20-35kHz: Less than 0.07dB
  • Dynamic Range: 118dB
  • THD+N: -104dB
  • Max Output Level: 16dBu
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 43.9 x 482.5 x 291mm
  • Weight: 4.12KG
  • Product code: MOCL0012UKEU

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