Focusrite ISA One Single Channel Preamp - Counterpoint
Focusrite ISA One Single Channel Preamp - Counterpoint
Focusrite ISA One Single Channel Preamp - Counterpoint

Focusrite ISA One Single Channel Preamp

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Focusrite ISA One Single Channel Preamp.

The Focusrite ISA One Classic Analogue Single-Channel Pre-Amp is a premium-grade preamplifier that provides classic warmth with a unique character. The ISA One is a combination of a classic Focusrite preamp with an independent DI, perfect for recording artists. The ISA One comes equipped with a Lundahl LL1538 input transformer, the same one found on the original ISA 110.

Whether you're a music producer, vocalist or audio engineer, the ISA One is a must-have for your studio setup. Blending vintage architecture with modern design and functionality, the preamp is perfect for a range of applications. The DI section allows you to switch between low/high impedance settings and the preamp also provides you with an amplifier output for connecting to external gear.

You can also capture the classic sound of the ISA 110 thanks to the special setting which emulates the legendary circuitry. To top it all off, Focusrite has included Brainworx bx_console which is a high-end channel strip plugin that faithfully recreates the sound of the ISA 110 and ISA 130 signal paths found in the legendary Focusrite Studio Console.

Key Features

  • Classic-style analogue mic preamp with dedicated DI channel
  • Lundahl LL1538 input transformer delivers unique sound and tone
  • Switchable impedance settings for added versatility
  • Headphone output with volume control
  • Complete with Brainworx bx_console Focusrite SC plugin

A must-have for your home studio

This highly versatile preamp embodies the classic sound of vintage gear, utilising a legendary transformer to provide tonal character unique to this unit. The flexible DI channel features a dedicated output for amplifiers, perfect for incorporating guitar amps. The variable impedance offers four settings for your microphone, adding to its versatility. Also available for use with the ISA One is an optional A-D 192kHz conversion card (not included). This will optimise the ISA One, providing best-in-class A-D conversion, with a dynamic range of 118dB.

Faithful recreation of a classic in plugin form

Brainworx bx_console Focusrite SC is an emulation of one of the rarest, most legendary studio consoles ever made. The original was designed by Rupert Neve himself, and only 10 were ever made. The plug-in recreates the ISA-110 EQ Module and the ISA-130 Dynamic Module, the heart of the Focusrite Console.

Brainworx's Tolerance Modeling Technology simulates real hardware components to give your master channel the phenomenal musicality of the Focusrite Console, thanks to the combination of seriously low noise and extra-wide frequency bandwidth.

Vintage style design

The eye-catching design features classic-style, backlit VU meters that allow you to monitor your levels just like in the golden era. Also included are two six-LED peak meters which make it easier than ever to check your levels at a glance The vintage-style design is reminiscent of legendary studio consoles, with a sloping-front panel and easy-to-use controls. It even features an integrated headphone output for private monitoring, ideal for checking your sound.


  • Rugged and portable transformer-based preamp
  • Classic ISA mic preamp design with Lundahl LL1538 input transformer
  • Line input (XLR and TRS Jack)
  • Independent D.I. channel
  • Dedicated insert point
  • Backlit VU meter and six LED peak meters
  • Headphone out with dedicated volume control
  • Optional Stereo A/D Converter provides two channels of 24 bit/192kHz A-D conversion with a dynamic range of 118dB (not included)


  • Mic Input Response
    • Gain Range (Mic): 0dB - 60dB in 10dB Steps 20 dB of Variable Gain
    • EIN (Mic): -126dB Measured @ 60dB of Gain w/150 Ohm Terminating Impedance & 22Hz/22kHz Band-Pass Filter
    • Noise (Mic): Noise @ Output w/Unity Gain (0 dB) & 22 Hz-22 kHz Band Pass Filter-97 dBu
    • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Mic): 106 dB Relative to Max Headroom (9dBu)
    • Frequency Response (Mic): @ Minimum Gain (0 dB)-0.5dB Down @ 10Hz & -3dB Down @ 125kHz
    • CMRR (Mic): 98dB (Channel 1, 1kHz, Maximum Gain w/24 dBu Input)
    • Crosstalk Channel to Channel (Mic): 10dB@1kHz Input to chA, chB Output =104dBrA. 10dB@10kHz Input to chA, chB Output = 84dBrA
  • Line Input Response
    • Gain Range (Line): -20dB - 10dB in 10dB Steps 20 dB of Variable Gain
    • Input Impedance (Line): 10 kO from 10 Hz - 200 kHz
    • Total Harmonic Distortion Noise (Line): Measured w/a 0 dBu Input Signal, & a 22 Hz-22 kHz Band Pass Filter 0.0001
    • Frequency Response (Line): @ Unity Gain (0 dB)-0.3dB Down @ 10Hz & -3dB Down @ 200kHz
  • Instrument Input Response
    • Gain Range (Instrument): 10dB - 40dB Continuously Variable
    • Input Impedance (Instrument): High = Greater than 1M Low = Greater than 300k
    • THD (Instrument): At Minimum Gain ( 10)
  • High-Pass Filter
    • Roll-Off: 18 dB per Octave (3 Pole Filter)
    • Frequency: Fixed 75Hz Measured @ the 3dB Down Point
  • Dimensions
    • Width: 220mm
    • Depth: 254 - 290mm
    • Height: 104mm
    • Weight: 3.9 kg (8.6 lbs)

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