Yamaha PA-150B - Counterpoint

Yamaha PA-150B

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Yamaha PA-150B - Keyboard Power Adaptor

The PA-150B adaptor is environmentally friendly by reducing the power when the musical instrument is turned off, saving you money! So don't get caught losing that #1hit song you just wrote. The PA-150B is designed to eliminate your constant need for fresh batteries by using efficient DC operation.

The PA-150B supersedes, and is 100% compatible with, the following mains power adapters:

  • Yamaha KPA6
  • Yamaha EPA6
  • Yamaha PA-150
  • Yamaha PA-150A


  • Energy efficient
  • Compact design
  • Input: DC voltage 230V, 50 Hz
  • Output: DC12V 1.5A
  • Weight: 180g
  • Cable length 8' 4" (2.54 Meters)


Yamaha PA-150B power adapter is suitable for use with the following Yamaha instruments:

  • P Series Digital Pianos:
    • Yamaha P-35
    • Yamaha P-45
    • Yamaha P-85
    • Yamaha P-95
    • Yamaha P-105
    • Yamaha P-115
    • Yamaha P-140
    • Yamaha P-121
    • Yamaha P-125
  • DGX Series Digital Pianos & Home Keyboards:
    • Yamaha DGX-220
    • Yamaha DGX-230
    • Yamaha DGX-520
    • Yamaha DGX-530
    • Yamaha DGX-620
    • Yamaha DGX-630
    • Yamaha DGX-640
    • Yamaha DGX-650
    • Yamaha DGX-660
  • YPG Series Digital Pianos & Home Keyboards:
    • Yamaha YPG-235
    • Yamaha YPG-535
  • Arius Series Digital Pianos:
    • Yamaha YDP-103
    • Yamaha YDP-141
    • Yamaha YDP-142
    • Yamaha YDP-143
    • Yamaha YDP-S31
    • Yamaha YDP-S34
  • Piagerro Series Home Keyboards:
    • Yamaha NP-30
    • Yamaha NP-31
    • Yamaha NP-32
    • Yamaha NP-V60
    • Yamaha NP-V80
  • MOX & MOXF Series Synthesizers:
    • Yamaha MOX6
    • Yamaha MOX8
    • Yamaha MOXF6
    • Yamaha MOXF8
    • Yamaha MODX6
    • Yamaha MODX7
  • CP Stage Series Stage Pianos:
    • Yamaha CP-40 Stage
  • DD Series Drum Pads:
    • Yamaha DD-65
    • Yamaha DD-75
  • DTX Series Electronic Drum Modules:
    • Yamaha DTX-700M
  • EAD Series Electro-Acoustic Drum Systems:
    • Yamaha EAD-10
  • PSR-E Series Home Keyboards:
    • Yamaha PSR-E433
    • Yamaha PSR-E443
    • Yamaha PSR-E453
    • Yamaha PSR-E463



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