Bulk headphones for schools

Bulk headphones for schools

Headphones are essential for modern classrooms. They allow students to use interactive applications and create and listen to music alongside their peers. But equipping an entire suite isn’t straightforward.

As well as cost, you need to understand which headphones are right for you. And there are many to choose from. Our guide will help you decide, as well as show you how you can get the best value for your money with bulk buy headphones.

Which headphones are better than others for classroom use

There are several factors to consider when determining which headphones are best for your classroom:


Let’s face it, no matter how much you ask them to, students aren’t going to take as good care of classroom headphones as they would their own. So durability is absolutely vital when it comes to equipping your suite. When checking reviews, look for headphones that have a high durability rating that shows they can stand up to typical wear and tear.

At Counterpoint, we only sell the most durable headphones. Some, such as the AKG 52 also have replaceable ear pads to help extend their life even further.


If students are going to be using headphones for entire lessons it’s important they fit well and are comfortable. Everyone’s head is different, so ensure you choose headphones that are easily adjustable for students to find their perfect fit. Headphones that are lightweight and have soft ear pads will also contribute to the overall comfort level of students.

Over-ear or on-ear?

What’s the difference between over-ear and on-ear headphones?

Over-ear headphones are those that completely cover and ‘cup’ the ear, helping to block out external sounds. They tend to be large and bulky, making them more difficult to transport, but this isn’t an issue if they never leave the classroom. Some also include noise cancelling which is useful to allow students to concentrate fully on their activity without distraction.

On-ear headphones rest on top of the ears rather than enclosing them completely and are smaller and usually lighter. They let in more ambient noise, which may be useful if you don’t want students to be completely cut off from their classmates. As the ear pads press onto the ears they may become uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time, depending on the material of the pads.

Headphones with microphone

Will your students be using any applications that require voice input? Or will they be making video or audio calls? If so, then a headset with a microphone is essential. Some computers have built-in microphones but the audio quality will be much lower.

If the headphones will only be used for listening then it’s best to get those without a microphone as you can focus more on audio quality and it’s one less part that can break.

Benefits of bulk discounts on headphones

The last thing you want is to not have enough headphones for all your students. Or to have a mixture of different types so that some end up with the best, newest ones whilst others are left with older ones that may be lower quality and even faulty.

If you buy headphones in bulk you ensure that they are all of the same quality and age. You can choose the ones which are best suited to your classroom activities and, of course, you can save money.

At Counterpoint, we have an extensive range of headphones to suit any classroom and any budget. If you’re not sure which is right for you, get in touch and one of our experts will help you choose. Bulk discounts are available depending on how many headphones you purchase, so the more you can buy at the same time, the bigger your saving will be.

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