Buying iPads in bulk for Schools

Buying iPads in bulk for Schools

iPads are an essential part of any classroom. If you want to give your students the best possible educational experience then you can’t afford to be without them. From taking notes, making music, drawing pictures or diagrams with a Stylus pen, to sharing information with classmates, the slick functionality of an iPad is sure to get them fully engaged with any task.

What’s your current setup? Maybe you have a few for each class that students can share? Or perhaps only each teacher has one? That might work for now, but it will be limiting their experience. The beauty of the iPad is its portability and flexibility, and how it can be used to study indoors or outdoors, at school or at home.

iPads for all

Give every student a dedicated iPad and see their learning thrive as they connect with teachers and classmates at any time of day. Whether it’s delivering presentations, sharing creations, or completing homework, every student can benefit from their own iPad. Once they learn the basics you’ll be amazed at all the innovative uses they find for them which will enhance their education

Where to buy iPads in bulk

When you’re kitting out a classroom or an entire school with iPads it makes sense to buy in bulk to get the best value. There are many suppliers that offer bulk deals depending on how many iPads you want to buy. 

However, it’s not only the purchase price that needs to be taken into account. The true cost of your iPads also includes the time and expertise it takes to both configure and support each one. They won’t come pre-configured for your school, so you’ll either need to do this yourself or bring in someone else to do it for you. The best way to ensure a smooth process from start to finish is to purchase your iPads from a provider who can also handle all your configuration and support requirements.

Buy together, manage together

Buy an iPad direct from a supplier and it will need to be set up on your network with all the relevant applications. Doing this for a whole classroom is going to be time-consuming for your IT staff. And they’ll need to lock them down to prevent other software from being installed. After all, you can’t have students installing random applications and games on them that distract them from their work.

Purchasing iPads for schools through us will get you the best value for money, but we don’t stop there. Our iPad bundles provide everything you need to manage your devices and give your users the best possible experience. We install Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions that will control the applications each student can use and prevent them from accessing anything they shouldn’t. We use a combination of software and hardware to ensure that each device can be quickly deployed ready to use and fully secure. 

Bulk iPad Discounts

We are able to offer bulk discounts on orders of 20 or more iPads, offering cost-competitive pricing for equipping classrooms and studios. 

The way we deploy mobile devices and associated management systems mean that they should be easy for your staff and students to use from the off. But rest assured, if there are any issues our dedicated customer support team is on hand to deal with any queries. We also provide recommended iPad charging carts for the classroom

Get in touch today, and our team of experts can help you. 

The secure iPad solution for you

Our expert consultants will carry out an in-depth analysis of your network and requirements before recommending the right MDM solution for you. We’ll give you the confidence that no mobile devices can compromise the security of your network, whilst integrating our software and hardware seamlessly so that your staff and students can work effectively and efficiently.

Work anytime, anywhere

Need to access data on the move? Not a problem, we’ve got solutions for that too. We can provide remote access to your network data from any mobile device using a single, simple-to-use application. You can use it over Wi-Fi or a cellular data network and it’s fully secure so only authorised users will be able to access anything.

With you all the way

The way we deploy mobile devices and associated management systems mean that they should be easy for your staff and students to use from the off. But rest assured, if there are any issues, our dedicated customer support team is always on hand to deal with any queries.

Get in touch, and let us show you why we’re the best partner for bulk iPad purchases.

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