Laptop charging cabinets & trolleys for schools

Laptop charging cabinets & trolleys for schools

Laptops are essential for modern schools. They give students access to the latest developments in learning applications and their portability means they can easily be moved around and between classrooms.

However, they do come with a couple of potential pitfalls:

  • How can you ensure they are always charged and ready to use?
  • How can you stop students from wandering off with them?

Fortunately, one solution can solve both these problems: laptop charging and storage units. Not only do these provide a secure place to keep laptops between lessons, but they also offer convenient clutter-free charging with power and cable management to fit any setup.

How does a laptop charging station work?

Laptop charging carts for schools are designed to be as simple as possible to use. The cabinet or trolley is connected to mains electricity and then each laptop’s power cable is plugged in on the inside of the cabinet with the easy-to-use cable management system. Charging stations provide lockable laptop storage to keep your equipment secure and some units have control panels to schedule charging plans throughout the day.

Which laptop charging station is right for you?

There are many different types of laptop cabinets and trolleys for schools available at a wide range of prices. Here are all the factors you should consider when deciding which is right for your school.

Size & capacity

It’s not only a case of how many laptops you have, it's also a case of where you will be using them. Will they all be used in one classroom or do you have multiple classes that will be using laptops at the same time?

Laptop cabinets come in a variety of sizes to fit every need. One big cabinet may be sufficient or you may prefer to have multiple units to split your fleet between several classrooms.

Laptops come in many shapes and sizes so be sure to check that yours will fit in the charging trays inside your chosen cabinet.

Cabinet or trolley?

Trolleys are more flexible as they can be easily moved between classrooms as needed - much safer than carrying each laptop individually. However, they are more expensive as they are built with safety in mind and to withstand transportation. If you don’t intend for the laptops to move between classrooms then a fixed cabinet will be cheaper, but what if your needs change in the future? If you can afford it, we always recommend trolleys for maximum flexibility.

Cable management & compatibility

One of the main benefits of a laptop charging cabinet is that it saves you from having power cables running everywhere, getting tangled up and looking untidy. But if there isn’t good cable management inside your cabinet then you’ll end up with just as much mess which can impede easy storage and charging. Look for a storage unit that has neat, easy-to-use cable management allowing power to be delivered to each laptop without cables crisscrossing.

You should also make sure that all your power supplies are compatible with the cabinet. The best storage trolleys will have universal extension blocks built in so you can charge any device and even charge new devices in the future with different power adaptors.

Charging management

It’s best not to have laptops charging constantly when in their storage unit. Whilst this shouldn’t harm modern batteries too much, it will mean you’re constantly using electricity. More advanced units have control panels that can create multiple schedules each day allowing you to easily use just the amount of power you need.

Where to buy laptop charging carts for schools

At Counterpoint, we’re big fans of the LapCabby range of laptop charging stations. They come in various shapes and sizes, freestanding and on wheels, so there’s something to fit every classroom.

They’re built to the highest standards and incorporate excellent cable management with top-level security to keep your equipment safe.

Thanks to the universal design, these units can also be used for smaller devices such as tablets. But if you’re looking for dedicated iPad and tablet charging check out this guide.

Not sure which laptop charging station is right for you? Get in touch and we’ll assess your requirements and walk you through all the options. And ask us about funding options to help you get the best value for your money. 

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