Music MX

Professional music apps give students the means to experiment with a variety of features and production techniques, allowing anyone to create high quality recordings. Unfortunately, most popular packages are designed for use by an individual license holder on a standalone system– not networked classrooms or multiple single users. This can lead to a number of problems.

Core Features

  • ConfigurationConfiguration
  • BackupBackup
  • AppleApple
  • WindowsWindows
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Configuration and performance

Configuration and performance

When installed for use on a network, popular packages like Cubase and Sibelius can take a long time to boot, even in a Mac Suite. Each time a student signs in, a unique profile must be set up for that individual using that machine. Teaching time is subsequently lost, log on challenges are frequent and students can become frustrated.

Back up storage

Back-up storage solutions can also be a challenge. Your school or organisation may have decided to distribute USB memory sticks to students or team members to save their work, but the risks involved with this approach are well known.

Inadequate back up
Making audio applications work

Making audio applications work

At Counterpoint, we can remedy the above challenges with assistive software for Mac or Windows PCs. Our solutions are designed to improve the working experience of everyone using or configuring professional audio software and apps: from students, teachers and musicians to IT admin and support staff.

Music MX for MS Windows

Music MX is designed to alleviate the time and complication taken up by the way Windows has historically handled the administration of multiple user profiles. If a machine needed to be configured for use on a network by more than one standalone user, a mandatory user profile would be created at boot for each individual.

Music MX for MS Windows
Keyboard MX for Mac OS and MS Windows
Keyboard MX for Mac OS and MS Windows

Keyboard MX allows the portable keyboards in your classrooms to be used with music software packages, providing for a more flexible set up. Professional DAW packages like Cubase require a USB MIDI controller keyboard to be connected to the computer in order to register inputs. Keyboard MX allows regular keyboards to be used as MIDI controllers.


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