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Take a look at our range of Multimedia Peripherals below. If there is anything you can't find or need something specific, complete the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Multimedia Peripherals

Tascam DR-07X Portable Audio Recorder


Rode Podcaster


Rode NT45-O


Rode VideoMic Me-C - Directional Microphone


Tascam Portacapture x8 High Resolution Adaptive Multi-Recorder


Tascam DR-40X Portable Audio Recorder


Rode VideoMic GO II Light On-Camera Microphone


Rode Wireless GO II Digital Wireless Microphone Receiver


Rode WS12 Furry Windshield for The VideoMic Go II


Rode SC19 USB-C to Lightning Accessory Cable


Rode Vlogger Kit Universal Edition for 3.5mm Compatability


Rode Vlogger Kit USB-C Edition for Compatible Phones


Rode VideoMic NTG Go Light Camera Microphone


Rode WS11 Furry Windshield for The VideoMic NTG


Rode DS-1


Rode SM-2


Rode WS2


Rode WS7


Rode WS6


Rode Dead Kitten