Kali Lone Pine 6.5
Kali Lone Pine 6.5
Kali Lone Pine 6.5
Kali Lone Pine 6.5
Kali Lone Pine 6.5
Kali Lone Pine 6.5
Kali Lone Pine 6.5
Kali Lone Pine 6.5
Kali Lone Pine 6.5
Kali Lone Pine 6.5
Kali Lone Pine 6.5

Kali Lone Pine 6.5" Powered Studio Monitor V2 - Single

  • SKU: W-PAB114F
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Kali Lone Pine 6.5" Powered Studio Monitor V2 - Single.

The Kali Audio LP-6 2nd Wave Studio Monitor (Single) is an updated revision of a modern classic, with a host of performance improvements to mix and master your music in complete confidence. Staying true to the Kali Audio sound, the LP-6 2nd Wave Studio Monitor delivers a crystal clear frequency response with an innovative 3D spatial imaging system to transform your mixes from amateur to professional. Featuring a 6.5-inch cone and precise tuning, the Kali Audio LP-6 2nd Wave produces a transparent response to help you make more accurate mixing to ensure your tracks translate on any playback system. A front-mounted bass port coupled with a low-frequency oversized magnet produces an extended, powerful and clean bass response, ideal for mixing bass-heavy music.

An updated amplifier module increases the headroom by 3dB whilst reducing the noise floor by 12dB for a cleaner signal to noise ratio. The improvements to the amplifier mean that the frequency response is now smoother than ever before with a more natural high-end response. Working closely with professionals in the industry, the Boundary EQ settings have been updated to fit a wider range of applications for an even more accurate response in any room or studio. To make it easy to integrate into your setup, the speaker is self-powered and has a variety of inputs. If you're serious about mixing and mastering and want the best performance from your speakers, the LP-6 2nd Wave Studio Monitor is the speaker for you.


  • The transparent sound makes your mix translate well onto different systems
  • 3D imaging waveguide provides an immersive and deep soundstage
  • The high dynamic range captures every nuance of your source audio
  • Low distortion for optimised acoustic performance
  • Low noise port tube delivers a powerful bass response
  • Easy to use boundary EQ controls for adapting to any space
  • Available in Black or White

Second wave technology

The new LP-6 V2 is part of Kali’s 2nd Wave of loudspeakers. 2nd Wave products draw on 3 years of R&D for across-the-board improvements. A new amplifier platform allows for 12 dB less noise, while input sensitivity has been increased by 3 dB. The tuning has been refined for smoother HF response, and the boundary EQs have been updated to reflect common real-world use cases. Physical improvements include lighter transducer cones for better transient response and upgraded cabinet construction for greater reliability.

Transparent sound – ideal for mixing and mastering

From mixing and mastering to video production and DJing, the LP-6 can adapt to any situation. Designed to offer highly transparent sound at an affordable price. Capture every nuance from your mix and hear subtle details that conventional speakers will miss. Transparent sound ensures that your mix will translate well to different mediums. This means no matter what system you play your music on it will sound at its best.

At the heart of the Kali Audio LP-6 is a powerful Class-D amplifier. This integrated amp ensures clean and reliable power, optimised to provide the best performance for the HP-6. The speaker provides you with 40W of power for the 6.5-inch woofer.

The reference-level output provides you with 20dB of headroom at the listening position. The wide amount of headroom ensures that even the loudest mixes are translated clearly.

3D imaging waveguide – immersive soundstage

The 3-D Imaging Waveguide allows you to hear a 3-D soundstage from a stereo pair of speakers. By matching the shape of the waveguide to the interactions of the HF and LF drivers, this waveguide produces a stereo image that is wider, taller, and deeper than the space where the speakers are placed.

By matching the reflective sound with the direct sound, you will hear both the sound that comes straight from the monitor as well as the sound from the room when the signal bounces off objects in the space. When these sounds are exactly in time, you process the signal better and therefore perceive the sound as better with a more three-dimensional sound.

The built-in 3D waveguide provides a highly immersive soundstage. It captures spatial detail that conventional speakers won't pick up. The result is a wider and deeper sound that is more cohesive. This allows you to work faster and make more informed decisions about your mix.

Low noise port tube delivers superior bass performance

Feel the bass. The specially-designed low noise port is unlike conventional bass ports. It works by making sure all the air leaves the port at the same velocity. This ensures you don't attract unwanted resonance resulting in an obscured low-end. The result is powerful yet clean bass performance, eliminating any extra noise.

EQ boundary control – optimise your sound for any space

A speaker's given position in a space can drastically change its frequency response. Happily, most of the common positions are fairly predictable and easily corrected. Finding the correct listening position for your speakers can make or break your mixes. Especially in the modern era with smaller spaces and home studios. A speaker placed against a wall or on a desk will react differently to a speaker on a stand or an acoustically treated room. Ensuring you find the best listening position will optimise the performance of your studio monitor.

The rear of the LP-6 features carefully tuned controls, providing compensation EQ settings to find the best possible sound. Kali Audio calibrated their EQ tuning at The Village Studios in Los Angeles. This combined with the low and high-frequency trims ensures the studio monitor can adapt to any space.

Versatile connectivity

As well as the EQ controls, the rear panels feature a variety of analogue connections. The LP-6 provides you with an array of inputs, comprised of XLR and TRS input, as well as an unbalanced RCA input. The RCA input even features a -10dBu sensitivity setting. You can use this to optimise the performance for use with laptops or smartphones.


  • Powered: Yes
  • Amplifier Class: D
  • Power Configuration: Bi-Amped
  • LF Power: 40 W
  • HF Power: 40 W
  • Total Power: 80 W
  • LF Driver: 6.5-Inch Woofer
  • HF Driver: 1-Inch Soft Dome Tweeter
  • Frequency Response (-10 dB): 39 Hz - 25 kHz
  • Frequency Range (±3 dB): 45 Hz - 21 kHz
  • Crossover: 1.3 kHz
  • SPL: 85 dB Continuous at 2.2 Meters with 20 dB Headroom
  • Max SPL: 112 dB
  • Inputs:
    • 1 x TRS
    • 1 x XLR
    • 1 x RCA
    • TRS/XLR Input Sensitivity: +4 dBu
    • RCA Input Sensitivity: -10 dBV
    • HF Trim: -2 dB, ±0 dB, +2 dB
    • LF Trim: -2 dB, ±0 dB, +2 dB
  • Boundary EQ Settings:
    • Free space (On stands, away from walls)
    • On stands, next to a wall
    • Meter bridge
    • On a desk, away from walls
    • On a desk, next to a wall
    • Studio Desk
  • Enclosure: Front Ported
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 35.9cm x 22.2cm x 26cm
  • Weight: 7.01KG



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